How it Works

As a teacher you create an account which includes a unique class code. Next, you will begin by adding students to your network. Your students will log in using the class code you created and their password (which you can view and change).


Any sketch created using sketchlot can be shared with any member of your class, using the share feature. Teachers can create math questions, science diagrams or even text for students to view and reply. Students can create their own sketches and share them back with you.

You can also embed sketches to your class website, pin them to pinterest or tweet them to twitter!

sketchlot was designed to work on all current tablets, phones and computers. The idea is for students to create pieces of work using their device and share it to you. Teachers can re-share work to others, or post it for others to view. You can also create and share a sketch on your interative whiteboard in front of your class!

Give it a shot. It's simple and free!

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